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Increasing sales through website development and Online marketing With the fast-changing modern technologies, most businesses are keeping up with sales competition by their website development and marketing strategies. Developing your website and marketing strategies are both necessary in order to increase your business’ sales. A more attractive and improved website combined with a good marketing strategy will cause more traffic that can be converted into sales. With modern technologies, you have more options to reach more people and increase your sales.

Marketing through your website also lessens your marketing costs. Digital marketing also Facilitates Interaction with Targeted Audiences, you can easily identify classify your target markets and with that, you can reach the right people and that means an increase in sales and with the improvement of mobile phones and your digital marketing you can easily reach potential customers. More reach, more sales.






We care for value and we work with connecting your business to your market. We can help you with, Helping to attract new customers, Show the value of your product or service, Building the trust with the customers of this business, Showing a good reason to buy, Removing doubts or risk, Making it easy to take action, Making the whole sales process easy and effective.

Our Approach of Work

For most businesses like E-commerce, Consulting, Coaching, and others. their website is more of impressions, portfolios, liability than an asset. When we work together, we will work with innovative sales, marketing, and automation system that will truly get results. We will do the right targeting and bring the right market to your website to convert as your leads and those people who really need you, those market that will appreciate your offers and services and those customers will love your company and happy and proud to recommend your company to others.

Together, we will build a Real Business. We can mention this confidently because of our Clients Success. If you really want to reach your right market without wasting your time we can help.

Jaymar | Website Conversion Specialist

If you’re tired of doing a lot of testing, and need results for your business, reach out. We’re not here to impress you with fancy features, cool and buzz words. We work normal daily. We are energetic, productive and has a “goal oriented” mindset to deliver results to our clients.

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How we define success? By seeing our clients succeed and knowing that they feel victorious. Also, have the results that they dreamed before.


Below are just a few clients we have worked since we started.

Client’s Feedback

Jonathan Rexford – Real Estate Investor

Integrity, Skill, Implementation is the greatest skill set that Jaymar has.

Kraddle Kare – Baby Hair Experts

Kraddle Kare was created by a mother and daughter who love and care about parents and their baby beyond the pregnancy. You have a baby or a toddler to care for with little time to spare. We are passionate about keeping parents educated on health, well-being, and happiness of your baby, while supplying you with the best and most reputable baby products of today. ’ve been worked with Kraddle Kare and since Nov. 2018.  I helped them to Re-build their website into a Money Machine E-commerce website. I also helped them  to run Facebook advertising campaign to market their products to the right customers. 

Cleangoodeats – Health & Wellness Coach

Cleangoodeats is a relationship health and wellness company specializing in familial and food-related relationships. Sakinah Bunch also caters to those seeking to minimize or even eliminate food allergy and food addiction symptoms by getting to and dealing with the root cause. I’ve been worked with Cleangoodeats with Re-developing her website with complete vision that she had by doing analyzation and market research to make her site engaging to her market. Optimizing her website with SEO and integrating Google Webmaster tools and Keywords.  As of now, we’re preparing contents to make her Membership Website incorporating her 3 Online Courses.


Working with Jaymar was a pleasure. He was very prompt in completing his tasks and took the effort to go above and beyond when asked to be creative or design things that were not his usual space. He had a good working knowledge on managing our Facebook Ad Manager by creating successful Adverts in the Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads section. I would certainly hire him again if we had more work within this space. Thankyou Jaymar.

Goodluck Jaymar!

Scott kaylor

Founder, Mega Bargain Sea

I write books for a living, but I did not have a website. A friend of mine recommended Jaymar. She told me he was one of the best web developers she knew.  I followed her recommendation and hired him. Within one day he had put together a trial site and suggested wonderful ideas of how to proceed. The finished product was beyond my expectation. I am very satisfied with everything. My experience working with Mr. Villamor, I found him to be professional, expeditious, very adroit in his technical skills and above all, a man of his word. When he told me the site would be finished within a week; he got it done in four days. 

Thanks Jaymar!

Qzani Amontkaxi


Jaymar did a great job with our website. He is very responsive and always works hard to keep the process moving. Highly recommend. Thanks Jaymar! 


Stanton Ward

Contractor & Founder, Ward-humphrey.

Jaymar is knowledgeable and effective. I recommend his services for
multiple aspects of website development.
Stephen Foster

Realtor & Land Investor, Land'Yall

Jaymar has always been a great help for website projects over the years. He is able to respond quickly abs he works with you for optimal development options

Elisa Buckner

Founder of, Access 2 Admission

Jaymar is Very helpful and supportive. Would use again.
Jasmine Williams

Founder, Green Real Estate Mom

 Shaun Hinklein – CEO of Social Jet

Shaun is a Independent Consultant founder of Social Jet. We worked with different web design and SEO projects and all are fantastic. 

 Coach Brian Fay – Team Beach Body Coach

Coach Brian is a Team Beach Body Coach that helps people to get great results when it comes to fitness. 

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Latest Projects

Generation of Hope Church  – A Christ-centered ministry impacting a generation of those lost, broken and hopeless; bringing restoration and fulfillment to their purpose in Christ Jesus.

Awesome web designer he is patient and extreamley skilled.

Pastor Dwight Buckner Jr.

Realtor and Founder of, Gen of Hope Church

SRG Financial LLC  – Real Estate The Straightforward Way is a locally owned and operated Real Estate Investment firm located in Phoenix AZ. We buy, sell, market, finance, and rent properties through the entire Phoenix Metro Valley.

Jaymar did a great job on my site SRG-Financial.com. Tons of great reviews. He was so knowledgeable and professional. Use him if you need a website.

Wyatt Borden

Realtor and Founder of, SRG Financial LLC

Focus Property Solutions is a locally owned and operated real estate investment company located in Calhoun, GA. They buy, sell and rent property all over NW Georgia.

Jaymar has done two different full projects for us and a number of minor projects. He is very knowledgeable and does a good job.

Joey English

Realtor & Founder of, Focus Property Solution LLC

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